Even though the inquisitions in Spain prosecuted a small quantity of Reformers, the Roman inquisitions were the first to target intentionally and specifically the "heresy" of Protestantism. These inquisitions and their subordinate tribunals were generally successful in keeping any substantial Protestant influence from spreading throughout Italy.[35] Protestants in the decades and centuries to come would use this relatively short-lived persecution as the basis for their accusations about the awful "Inquisition." Protestant movements were reduced by around 1600, so for the duration of the 17th century the Roman inquisitions turned their focus to offences other than Protestantism, notably "magical" heresy.[36]

En todo caso, se considerarán afectados por una discapacidad en grado igual o superior al 33%  los pensionistas de la Seguridad Social que tengan reconocida una pensión de incapacidad permanente en el grado de total, absoluta o gran invalidez, y a los pensionistas de clases pasivas que tengan reconocida una pensión de jubilación o de retiro por incapacidad permanente para el servicio o inutilidad.