Once the draft is complete, they click the ‘signal check’ button on the bottom left of their dashboard. Turnitin then reads and provides students with feedback comments regarding the use of language, focus, organization, and evidence. Comments appear to the right of the writing next to their respective target area icon. For example, if a student’s work needs stronger organization, the comment will read “organize your argument more clearly by presenting your opinion supporting it with reasons, then showing how those reasons support your argument” (Turnitin 2015). Students then revise, and select whether or not the comment was helpful. Students keep submitting drafts until their work is finished and signal checks until they believe their work is done, and then click the ‘turn in’ button on the bottom of their writing space page.
Generally, inquisitorial courts functioned much like the secular courts of the time, though their sentences and penances were less cruel.[13] A number of procedures and protections restricted the torture of the accused, although much torture could be inflicted, and capital punishment was executed by secular authorities due to the clerical prohibition on shedding blood.[14] Torture was used to extract confession, rather than as a form of punishment as used by secular courts. Any confession made following or during torture had to be freely repeated the next day without torture or it was considered invalid.[13] "Technically, therefore, torture was strictly a means of obtaining the only full proof available…[The inquisitors'] tasks were not only – or even primarily – to convict the contumacious heretic, but…to preserve the unity of the Church".[13]
Buenas noches hace 8 días me diagnosticaron adenomiosis y la doctora me dijo que lo mejor es que me hagan la histerectomia yo tengo 2 hijos y 37 años pero siento miedo de que ya no vaya a sentir placer sexual pues mi marido es muy machista y dice que quedaré como un hueco en cuanto a lo sexualidad, por eso les pido el favor que las que se haya hecho histerectomia por laparoscopia y les hayan conservado sus ovarios es decir que solo le hayan quitado el útero me digan si uno pierde el placer sexual o no…Muchas gracias
El 33 por 100 de discapacidad da derecho al reconocimiento de la condición de persona con discapacidad tiene en cuenta tanto los factores discapacitantes –provengan de una disminución física, psíquica o sensorial-, como los factores sociales, entendiendo por tales, entre otros, la edad, entorno familiar, situación laboral y profesional, niveles educativos y culturales, así como el entorno habitual de la persona con discapacidad.