A worry or concern could be at risk of being amplified or exaggerated and seeing it in a less anxious light might be easier said than done. However, you're in a safer and more protected position than you might believe yourself to be. Your cosmic mission now involves ensuring an issue doesn't escalate in size unnecessarily. With very little effort, you can connect with how it can be seen sensibly and practically. With the right perspective, what appears unmanageable can appear manageable.
En todo caso, se considerarán afectados por una discapacidad en grado igual o superior al 33%  los pensionistas de la Seguridad Social que tengan reconocida una pensión de incapacidad permanente en el grado de total, absoluta o gran invalidez, y a los pensionistas de clases pasivas que tengan reconocida una pensión de jubilación o de retiro por incapacidad permanente para el servicio o inutilidad.