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We know that every lawn in North Naples is different, which is why we start with an extensive analysis. We will after that have the ability to create an ideal lawn care strategy that is personalized to the unique requirements of your lawn. You can rest assured that we utilize environmentally responsible products and treatments. It's no secret that your landscape's health can benefit from superior lawn care.

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Both main kinds of lawn grass are warm season grass and cool season grass. Select the grass seed that matches the environment in North Naples and your yard's sunlight direct exposure. If you choose to expand grass without the help of chemicals, we provide organic lawn care options.


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Anyone that has tried to grow grass around a home in North Naples understands that weeds are a constant threat. They're unattractive, persistent and fast growing. Each springtime they magically show up and appear to take over. Weeds will methodically exterminate green grass as they progressively take crucial nutrients and water that your native grass needs. Talk to us concerning our weed control service.

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Why should I hire a lawn mowing company? Our lawn care group offers specialist lawn mowing service that will maximize your evenings and weekends. Our budget friendly lawn cutting service combined with our lawn maintenance experience and ideal techniques will give you with a wonderfully manicured lawn.

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If you are searching for grass cutting service that takes genuine pride in his landscape maintenance work then look no further.

A few of the aspects that we do differently than other lawn maintenance companies in the North Naples area is the detailed work that we will do each and every time we visit to cut your grass. We look forward to earning your business!

Grass Maintenance

In case you are fortunate enough to have a lawn with a really good topsoil base, a great deal of the hard work of maintaining your grass green is already provided you. But many of us do not possess this privilege, and besides, despite having a good topsoil, there is nevertheless arduous maintenance work to be carried out a consistent basis. This is when a good lawn care service company is worth every penny. Professional lawn care contractors can deal with the planning and maintenance of your lawn, your garden and overall landscaping.

Here are a number of custom lawn care basic tips on how you can have the best soil for a green lawn and a vibrant garden.

1. Add compost to the soil.

Mixing your soil with compost makes it better aerated and it will retain water far more efficiently than soil that has not been enriched with compost. The compost also introduces more nutrients to the soil which will certainly aid your plants and grass to grow.

Concocting compost can take a while. There are two basic techniques of composting: active composting, wherein you take a systematic approach in creating compost, takes about a month.

The second method, passive composting, is where you let nature take its course with the organic materials. This process is much longer to complete.

2. Putting mulch on your turf

Mulch is a form of organic material that you can put on top of your soil. It can range from cut grass to bark. Laying mulch on the soil will help the soil retain water better and prevent it from eroding quickly.

3. To fertilize or not?

Lawn fertilizers can put nutrients in your soil however it is essential to pay attention the recommended dosage as per the label of the fertilizer’s package. In fact, excessive fertilizer can have detrimental effects on your soil and the environment in general.

Do not over use inorganic fertilizers to eliminate weeds because it can produce very thick layers of thatch. Be aware that several kinds of grasses are prone to thatch growth.


The lawn within your yard creates either beneficial or bad atmosphere. A magnificent lawn and an efficiently crafted landscaping, can generate a magnificent leisure space for your household.

An excellent landscape is one that endure a long time. But if you’re asking yourself what the technique is for a landscape’s lastingness, then the answer is in the soil If your soil is good, then your garden, your plants and your grass will have the best environment to grow.

Not every soil is suggested for growing lush green grass or vibrant plants. More often than not, there are a variety of basic items you have to do to begin with prior to you can plant anything in your frontyard or backyard. In order to grow a terrific lawn or garden, you are going to require to develop a fertile soil with the suitable acidity balance, nutrients and good consistency.

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The best time for lawn mowing is when it is cool and dry. Wait for the morning dew to dry off the turf and just before the afternoon heat takes hold. Alternatively, late afternoon, early evening or following a watering in the morning are also a good time for lawn mowing.

After lawn cutting, let some of the grass trimmings remain for they will definitely be taken in as nutrients to the soil. Also allow your lawn to breathe by removing small quantities of soil once a year. This will aerate the roots of the grass.


Whenever working with the lawn mower ensure that the container of gasoline does not have any type of leak. Such containers can also produce hydrocarbons, which are dangerous to the environment. You must use the adequate containers. Fuel the equipment over a concrete or asphalt area and utilize a funnel to avoid splilling or splashing of gasoline to the lawn and to the equipment itself. Choose a well-ventilated area where you can accomplish the refueling in order to diffuse the vapors. Always keep the gasoline in a properly secured container and in a cool and dry area.

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Weed Control Service

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There is no such thing as enduring, fast-fix lawn treatments utilizing pesticides. As an alternative to chemical treatment, simple, but effective weed control may be accomplished by lawn mowing often at the time of spring. This will minimize the risk of dandelions from spreading on your spring lawn by getting rid of the yellow blossoms and consequently, avoiding the formation and dispersal of seeds. Set your lawn mower to high during late spring and early summer. This will allow grass blades to shade the ground, and will help reduce the chances of crabgrass from developing in your yard.


When the quality of your soil is very good, your local lawn care specialist will figure out which sort of grass to sow according to the growing conditions and weather of your locality.

If for instance your city is rainy most days of the year, it will be effective to sow the type of grass that needs lots of water. A thicker lawn will help to outdo the weeds. A vibrant lawn, with longer grasses, about three inches, can give the weeds challenging time to root and grow. 

An important benefit to having a healthy lawn is that it can stand up to destruction from injurious weeds, pests and illnesses. Longer grass will also have the benefit of lower pest turmoil. Longer grass has strong roots and are able to hold water better. Suitable thickness of thatch grown in the grass has to be observed so as not to deter the water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

Lawn Fertilizer Companies Near Me recommend that you water your lawn or garden in the morning, if at all possible between the hours of six and nine and ideally in short time duration so the soil will be able to absorb the water.

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